Saya punya barang tak sampai sampai dari awal bulan 1 2018.janji 14 hari jek barang da sampai.tapi sudah lebih 14 hari.tolong hantar secepat mungkin.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Malaysia Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Already received a message stated that the parcel is already delivered but the thing is i didn’t received any parcel. Talked to one of the lazada’s customer service and she told me that she will send an email regarding about my report.

And i already received the email and its clearly stated there that this case is closed without any solutions stated. Does that mean i still wont receive my parcel or what?


Barang saya tak sampai dari 11.11 sampai 12.12 masih tak sampai janji 1.12 akan sampai


MYMP000003934426,,tak sampai ini barang


Order saya pun sama dah tukar alamat masih hantar salah alamat buat aduan duit dah ambil masih tiada respon!


when delivery my orfer ?


Departed from Logistics Facility2018-11-13 20:36:13Your parcel has departed the logistics facility Get by Thu 15 Nov - Tue 20 Nov Tracking Number ID050 Shipped2018-11-13 20:36:13Your package has been shipped by our logistic partner with tracking number ID050 Packed by seller / warehouse2018-11-13 20:36:09Your parcel is packed and will be handed over to our delivery partner SkyNet 22 NOV MASIH BELUM SAMPAIIIIIII


I have ordered a tupperware set costs rm110 on 9th Nov but until now, i dont receive the product. It stated that it was cancelled due to system default reason.

The refund stated that voucher will be given.

How longer should i wait? Do check my order #209455876752989.


Barang saya sampai hari ni 22 nov 2018 belum sampai. Janji kata 20 nov akan smpai

to Anonymous #1601210

Sama. Barang patutnye sampai 17Nov-21Nov. Tpi hari nie 22Nov tak dpt2...

danil azhar

Status sudah Delivered. Jam 11.40AM, 19th November 2018.

Beserta dengan Prove of Delivery tapi bukan signature saya sebab saya tidak terima apa-apa dan tidak sign apa-apa.

No. Pesanan : 210059283123711 Email : danilazhar@gmail.com


Barang sy tak sampai sampai and maybe dy bagi dekat stranger....maklumat recepient ad signature yg sy tak kenal.... #210056883343406 MYMP000003479913 One plus 5T screen protector Mintak lazada at least call sy dlu before bagi at stranger ....now barang tu lesap tah kemana


I am asking for my order no 209407664916301 I've received a tracking number but am not sure which courier service is the seller using — The tracking number is GAM001063257 I've contacted the seller through chat but no response for more than 3 days I've tried to chat with lazada live, even worse It supposed to reach me before 14th Nov but it didn't so i have to buy it outside I wanted to cancel this order and demand for refund for 2 reasons : 1- Failed to deliver according schedule 2- Failed to respond to inquiry from proper channel


Barang say beg sandang bila nak hntar blh hubungi saya no tel 0177272748


barang saya tak sampai-sampai order 10.9.2018 no id 6728798 code 5761 jaanikaslizanikahmad@ gmail.com 0146098806


My item still processing, place item on 30 september 2018. Email: abdul_arah@yahoo.com No fon:019-3499543 Oder number:207806777653555


Emel Dalam Pesanan: khairullasyraf@gmail.com Nombor Telefon Dalam Pesanan : 0142722529 Nombor Pesanan : 208010000881651 Item kata ‘delivered’ tapi saya tak dapat pun.


Kepada LazadaMY : Barang- smart tag tidak sampai tetapi status dah delivered. Email: nal5001@yahoo.com Order #207225213306535 Date: 21 /09 / 2018 Sila cek kerana barg tidak sampai2 lagi. Zainal sufri b hamzah


Barang xsamapai2 dh dekat 3 mgu dh . Emel- masliamansor@yahoo.com Ni fon - 0199502987 No pesanan - #207333078974372


I have purchased a Mattess (Order number: 205955191826533) (Mattress Spinalhealth by Goodnite 10 Inch Posture Spring Queen Mattress Only (10 Year Warranty) Idream RM 598.00 Quantity: 1 Seller: LIM COLLECTION ENTERPRISE) on 24.8.2018 and I didn’t received until today. The delivery status shown delivered.

I have called to Ladaza few times and it has more a week.

Unfortunately I didn’t received any call from Lazada. I hope Lazada will take prompt action to resolve this matter.


Barang yg diorder xsampai... Camner nk settlekan... Ada cara lain lg ker

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