On 12/12/2020, I topped up my eWallet to purchase a camera lens. The seller, Miyamondo put up an ad that there is avail stock.

I topped up my eWallet to pay for the purchase of RM2990.

The seller sent back a chat that there is no more stock available. I wanted to buy another lens which is above the amount that eWallet allows top up.

This put me in a dilemma. My money is just stuck there which is no fault of mine. Then I became the victim of circumstances and stuck in between.

The conclusion is that I have to ask for a return of my money to my credit card account.

That that is not that I wanted as it will take another month for my money to be back to my credit card.

It was such an ugly experience that I went through using eWallet. Do you think I will want to use eWallet again?

User's recommendation: Please take note.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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