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Called Lazada 4 times in a span of 1 week. Because 3 promises were made through email that my item will be at my home in 3 different given dates. RM1.8K. Money is an issue, I've paid and everytime I call, they sort of have the same answer and it's annoying, plus they don't even answer on the spot on all three occasion, They said they'll send an email regarding the delivery status because they can't seem to reach LEX on all three occasion. Dude that's not cool because I called today, a guy promised he'll email me by 6pm yesterday. Guess what? it's 4am. Still no email.

1. No I am not angry.

2. Yes I like to solve this in a very cool way.

3. Is there a compensation? Because I got this phone for someone else and all I'm getting is anger and I don't think it's fun in the least.

4. Improve the customer service or do something about your delivery service so called "LEX". Kinda useless if my item is at the "LEX REGIONAL HUB" for a week right?

5. I started being a loyal customer, but just when I start, you did this. Kinda dissapointing, had hopes for you guys. But that's just that, Once you're in the money, people matter less.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Malaysia Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Order no.212564228762587 ..saye nak tanye pade lazada barang bile nak sampai ye Nombor telefon saye: 01162081726


order id : #202349118217486 .. saye cancell barang sebab tak ade colour yg saye nak .

kata nak refund balik duit saye , sampai harini tak refund pun .. tahu tak saye nk pakai duit tu untuk beli barang yg lain .. kenapa service lazada lmbat sangat .. shopee lg cepat dr lazada !!

tolong pulang balikk duit saye secepat mungkin !!

urgentt nk pakai !! call saye 0177670996


Order saya MYMP000000515916. Bila saya semak di LEX tulis penghantaran saya gagal.

Pesanan dikembalikan kepada penjual. Kenapa dikembalikan? Bagaimana dengan wang saya?

Saya tidak terima apa2 panggilan dari penghantar bagaimana boleh penghantaran saya gagal? Harap lebih peka..


Nmber order saya #201232731225251, status barang saya / email htr bgi barang saya sudah diterima / smpai di rumah tapi barang belum sampai pada tangan saya . Bole saya dapatkan kepastian barang tersebut ? Barang di hntar menggunakan khidmat skynet .


Lex johor operasi penghantaran cod tak hari ahad ?


Saya nk tanya ni order saya 200273100088499 dia dh email cakap barang dh out for delivery tapi saye tungu tak sampai pon saya dia cakap Gdexpress akan hantar barang saya ni traking no 8661759702 dia cakap tak tau locate tapi kenapa tk contact saya.tk kan almat salah ninja van boleh hantar barang saya *** alamat sama ja tk tukar tolong hantar barang tu


ShaI still haven't received my items order # 3536468642 reverie European set of 4 New handbag.. how to get back


Hi, I need help ! My order number #3941987442 , give me contact person /hotline number about this case .The glass cerami tea fruit pot cup very nice , but I open box they send me only 1 tea spoon. Other 3 spoons no see.....


hai pagi..no odr saya 3313916442 email htr bg barang saya dh sampai rumah. tapi barang belum sampai pada tangan saya..saya nak kepastian...


Your Current Package Status is At LEX sortation center

Item Status History

Status Date

Status History

2017-11-09 17:47 At LEX sortation center

2017-11-09 14:44 Order being pickup at merchant/Lazada warehouse 2017-11-08 08:10 Order being prepared at merchant/Lazada warehouse MPDS-399486951-6915 I BOUGHT ON 7 NOVEMBER, AND TIL NW STILL AT LEX sortation center? YOU GUYS SLEEPING?


Hi lazada,saya sudah terima order barang satu jam tangan casio edifice,lepas saya ceck ada satu screw pada subdial yang disposition/terlepas.macam mana saya nak return/tukar dengan item yang sama.saya harus pergi mana untuk tukar balik barang ini.


Dear Valued Customer,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will escalate this matter to the relevant department for further improvement.


to LazadaMY #1386838

How long?,can u call me if this problem is fix?; call me or send messege to this number; 0127218233,,thanks

to Tommy #1386839

Give me contact person/hotline number about this case,especially lazada johor bahru!,thanks

to Tommy #1388513

Hi Tommy, we have proceed email to you and contacted you as well on this issue. Please reply to the email for further inquiry on the issue for faster response. Melissa



May I know the status of my order #363995891 ? The payment for order #363995891 was successfully made on 12 Oct 2017 but then until today I haven't received any of the

products yet...Please help to check my order

and release the ordered products from lazada as soonest as possible to avoid any interuptions.

Thanks n best regards,

Jessey Cheok

to Jessey Cheok #1386761

Hi Jessey Cheok,

Upon checking, order was invalid. Kindly DM us through Facebook your proof of payment for us to check further.



Hoi lazada,jam aku ko tak hantar,duit ak dah bank in Rm178...ko ckp nk refund blik???ji 1 email pon ko tan bg..senyap tros...call customer service pon tak angkat...duit aku ko pulang kan la semula!!!!!!!!!!service LAZADA macam HARAM

to Anonymous #1386762

Hai ,

Boleh kami dapatkan nombor pesanan?



Barang saya belum sampai sepatutnya sampai 11oct sekarang dah 21oct call me 1097275479 oder no 397546961

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