I had placed order for my item (LED TV) which surprising look cheaper compare to others. ( I did visited several electronics shops for price survey)

Finally transaction has been completed and waiting for the item to deliver.

Initially I feel good with their responses via email & sms for the tracking and delivery status.

On the 3rd day I had received email & sms confirming the product will deliver on the next day.

I worried that no one at home when they deliver the product so I'd taken a day off just to wait for the delivery. (Because I've got the confirmation of delivery via email & sms)

In the end of day I just waiting for nothing and I call Lazada Customer Service. They told me that the item supposedly shipped on that day if according to the LEX Tracking.

They asked for my contact and promised to call me back.

I called Lazada customer service the next day and different customer service handle my call and telling me the same thing and ask me not to worry. They can even deliver during weekends.

Another few days passed, I don't even bother too much for the delivery and just try to wait with patience and it was almost 14days since my purchase date.

I call them again and the Customer Service said will call me back but it doesn't happen. I call them the next day again to find out what's happening.

Now all of sudden the CS told me the purchase was exceeded the threshold and they couldn't deliver anymore.

I told them I don't understand what they mean by "purchase exceeded threshold" and keep arguing with the CS.

In other words, it was interpreted that item i purchased was with low pricing and with additional discount so they couldn't sell it.

The CS even ask me to try to make another purchase again.

Lazada Malaysia is full of ***, they try to offer low price but in the end they couldn't make it and cancel customer's order because item sold too cheap. With the transaction done they can show to public that Lazada Malaysia is having good sales and getting good responses but many orders were cancelled.

If Lazada Malaysia couldn't afford the discounted price, don't publish it. Please close the *** website!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Malaysia Delivery Service.

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Same here. Bought an item but order was cancelled due to the merchant unable to fulfill the order within the expected time frame or we have a limited stock.

However, the merchant is still advertising in the Lazada website. What a cheat!!!

to mlb #1603918

same thing happened to me. The CS keep saying blah blah..

finally they cancelled the order but the seller keep advertising the items.

Real waste of time. So from then, I stop buying anything from Lazada again


We have bought a useless hard drive with the price of 150bucks. No return no refund no warranty.

Money burn just like that. Cheater lazada


Lazada inform me refund has been process and case closed, but in fact I don't gt any refund from bank .this is the second time happen to me and I think lazada is cheating me.


I ordered 2 pair of Bluetooth hamburger mini speaker costs me Rm46.00. Happy to receive the goods in about 3 weeks but worse after I opened the package with so different product from what I saw in Lazada website, there is NO BLUETOOTH at all OMG...!!


I in end of july, 2017 bought a sling bucket bag with handle from lazada. It is zara brand for RM89.90.After 4 or 5 times usage the strap came off from the bag.

I had to repair it. Than 2 days ago , the bag handle came off. *** I do not know whether this original bag from that brand or some rejected fake bag.

10 cent advise filter your traders lazada. *** you..not gonna use your *** service anymore.


Yes..I really agreed with you. I also have the same experience with you.

I also buy a LED tv for the second time and being refund.....If cannot sell dont cheat customer. Wasting our time and make the whole family disappointed...


Agree with the negative comments about the company. I have purchased a $50 product but the pay system failed and did not follow up (intended or natural?).

But the amount was deducted from my bank account and they didn't deliver the product.

They did not refund and even gave a false document to prove refund. It amazing such a company can do such things.

to Anonymous #1401871

Why not you just go bank print out statement to prive that lazada cheating you and report police.


Most of the items in Lazada will have customer feedback. But I just found that, on the same item, Lazada keep changing their merchant.

Today can me Merchant A selling this item, tomorrow can be Merchant B selling. So, the feedback is really misleading. Each customer may buy their device from different merchant. But nobody will mention about good service on the merchant, all feedback will say thanks to Lazada!

Using same link for one item with same product name and title and reusing all the feedback from past customer, very unprofessional. I will agree with Lazada to take all these feedback if Lazada take the responsibility for all issues but not saying out of stock due to Merchant or blame to others.


I should come and read all these comments before buying something from this platform......too bad, it was too late, I face the same problem now.


Exactly same case happen to me,bought a tv. Each time say deliver but never at the end.

3 times 3 times, Lazada is a *** bull *** company. Wasting me a lot of time and phone call! If you cant deliver why you are telling me you will come tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow. Isn't fun?

You can't just said can't, I am wasting my *** time sit at home waiting your *** delivery and the end *** up you never come. This kind of *** service please do not come and do your *** business in Malaysia.


I do not know what will happen if i buy the webcam ,AMD QUAD-core CPU and the network adapter.But maybe ,just maybe,the other things won't cheat?

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #962699

LAZADA.com.my pictures are not similar to the products at all.

They are selling FAKE china made products, doesn't worth your money at all.

for my first order I spent around 1000RM to buy few items such as Vacuum cleaner, few toys for my son, weight scale and few kitchen accessories.

and I am REGRETTED from every item I have bought from them.

the images are not similar to what you are going to receive.

doesn't worth your money at all.

Also, I have reviewed all the items and guess what? THEY DELETED ALL MY REVIEWS BECAUSE IT WAS NEGATIVE.

all the REVIEWS are FAKE same as their products. I do not recommend this website to anyone.


Me also. They sell fake longchamp bags.


That is correct but with the difference being for me, they kept the money and then said

"Floating Account". They went on and on, reading from a rebuttal sheet.

Promises, promises,


If anyone bothers to read these comments posted here, Be very aware that Lazada, owned by Zalora, Phillipines,

owned by Rocket, Germany, trading out of Brazil is not a company that you want to do ANY business with.

REPEAT, Any business what so ever, they are liars, thieves, frauds and cheats at every step of the chain. Again, forget Lazada.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia #855324

Hi, this is Derrick from Lazada CS HOD, kindly furnish with more details (ie : order number) to my email (derrick.ong@lazada.com.my), we will check and revert our recovery actions onto your case.

to Derrick #1624796

Hi Derrick, i was about to purchase a dryer from a lazada seller when i came accross this website.lazada is a good platform for me to do online puchase but after reading those complaints i am not convinced to proceed with my puchase anymore.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia #855317

Hi, this is Derrick from Lazada CS HOD, kindly furnish with more details (ie : order number) to my email (derrick.ong@lazada.com.my), we will check and revert our recovery actions onto your case.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia #855313

Hi, this is Derrick from Lazada HOD of CS. Kindly provide me with more information (ie : order number) via derrick.ong@lazada.com.my, I'll check and revert to you on what can we recover from our side.

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