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Ever since Lazada and Ninja Van became exclusive (must be really good contract terms), any orders made direct from Lazada warehouse is apparently in limbo 'shipping' ***, with tracking number (obtainable only if you call customer service) shows the package repeatedly failed to be delivered for days.

I even had an impression that Lazada really loves Ninja Van. From a quick call to Lazada customer service, they gave the excuse the estimated delivery was a technical error on their site, and delivery could actually take a whole 15 business days to complete , except from some additional unfortunate coincidence (too much delivery to handle?), it could even be longer.

Usually you could get normal delivery from China in a week.

Seriously, Lazada should change add / change their tagline to "Slowest local shipping, Guaranteed !"

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Malaysia Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Affordable, Coupons.

I didn't like: Excuses when courier is clearly not performing as advertised.

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This service so slow..and the man from ninjavan scold with me..becuase he did't see my house..wtf!!!this is your job to find your cuamstomer house..Actually i must angry with this servise and i want to record video of the bad service.to slow..and stupid job

to Wawa #1671114

Agree.. Sometimes they use poslaju..

poslaju is suck in the world...They don't even call you when they arrive..If nobody at home .They just walk away without any notice to you...

Sometimes they can't find the location or the unit of the condo..They just walk away and simply say nobody at home .. Terrible experiences


Yes could more agree with you ninja van is suck..i use to received from indonesia just in two days by courier...


very slowest delivery !!!!!!


same goes to me! from KL to Kuching, 5 days..

n i havent even receive my parcel. tried to call their customer service more than 10 times, its either "not in service" or nobody answer!

usually when lazada use other courier service, i'll definitely receive my parcel in 2 days! this ninja van is really terrible!

to annoyed customer #1383104

Have u received ur parcel?

to annoyed customer #1578239

I want my order

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #1181815

hi recently im doing the partime as delivery man for ninja van.

let me explain why your parcel is not being deliver ..

and some story need to share with you all as well.

1) all parcel will divide few zone.

zon1 is mean the hottest area , easy delivery near to warehouse.

less traffic jam .

zone 2 normally is out from zon 1 zone 3 ofcause you can inmagine how far is it the location. ofcause the zone 3 paid for each parcel is abit higher. FYI partime or full time subcon , they have to bear their fuel toll, therefore most of time those zon 1 , zon2 area you still can get the parcel in short time, what if you are in zon3 , the day i been assign a task at zon3, ofcause it already been accumulate few day, less parcel in thiz zon, and one more tough problem is so many toll, and *** far from the warehouse is about 30+km.

and each parcel distance is about 3-8km in that zone, and the time i really badluck , i got a parcel which is extra far 25km far from the area that i suppose deliver. another two more tolls need to paid . and the area is almost at sempadan state. OMG.

for this parcel what the senior told me , any parcel beyong 5km at that area, they will straight cancel it and return back warehouse. they wont spend the extra cost and time on this parcel. well you might blame how unprofessional for the driver. but did you knw the day i only incharge 15parcel , end up i have to use 7 hour to finish it all (10success, 5not in home) .

after deduct my toll fuel cost. my hour paid is just like rm9perhour. 2. what if you are in area zon1 , zon 2, but your parcel still pending not delivered?

i notice that the address is the most problem. it cant show correctly in our app maps even in google map. thats mean , even your address is collect but we not even knw where is it when we reach the location. example got some address is start with lot 98833, jalan.....

or the address is too new not even can found in google, i suggest that you all try to use the those address that google can find it easily. if you are not even can find it on map, how you expect the deliverman can do it? 3 the contact number, please do update your latest contact number during your online shopping. .

and try pick up the phone call. reply the sms if you get the deliverman message, it is hard for them to wait you reply if there already around that area. for my experience, the day i try wait for the customer share me the exact location . but end up it take me more time to deliver.

each parcel take me about 30minute. some of subcon=fulltime (no epf no insurance cover) they need daily deliver 30-60parcel. i cant inmagine how fast they need to act on each delivery . if this task is assign to me i m sure i got to delivery untill midnight.

3. please try dont choose COD. it really waste us alot alot of time to wait and get the exchange balance . and ninja van dont even give us any cent or commision on this .

we have to keep carefully and find our way to solve it. 4. if we not able deliver the parcel actually we dont get paid. and we end up bear more cost.

5. ninja van business strategy they provide cheap cost deliver, as the driver all bear their own, inmagin each parcel only paid rm3 -5 only. and for zon 3 paid about rm7perparcel only. yah no matter how big the parcel the paid will be the same as well.

pity when i saw the day i saw a lady need to delivery those huge box . and his car is full of box. lazaday zalora love so much their services . as ninja van give them more profitable .

how much the lazada / zalora charge you all weight above 2kg . .. if i not guess wrong the more higher weight the more profit that earn. as the 1st - 1.5 kg is mostly paid for the deliverman.

tqbin is better services but their charge is higher. so thats why now all of them work with ninja van. as consumer we always look for cheapest solution.it is right. but afer this work experience i think i much more understand the backend story of the courier services..

when the time we choose the cheapest shipping solution we should understand that the result deliver will be slow n bad. we still using human power -GULI to manual handle it. if you are unlucky in zon 3, i always suggest tat you be understanding and try to ask them deliver to your office .. or any of your friend addres which much more convenience to them.

kesian betul.

. sorry my english not good , but i hope you all understand

to Anonymous #1223513

Then why stay with that company? They used *** people like you to do their job.

Ninjavan trying to be courier company but cant even do the job well. What a ***. BAD COMPANY, BAD SERVICE. AVOID.


to Anonymous #1601499

Thats true..i waiting my parcel ftom malaysia..and its been 10 days never arrive..and i hv been cheking my tracking nomber every single time.no call no update when actual time..when i chek again the track again said been delivered..where..i have been waiting everyday without fail..dont tell me the parcel is gone back to malaysia.

to Anonymous #1580328

They delivered to my home when I choose COD sometime......

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia #1157828

yes i agree with you. im expecting some deliveries from lazada.

seller dfaro using ninja van courier service.

i purchased the consignment on sunday. the next day the status ready to pickup. 12 mn i got notification that dfaro already sent the item with ninja van with tracking number.

i tracked in the morning tuesday till today 12 may 2016. what did ninja van do.

Ta Q Bin doing great job. even though you supposed to get the consignment after 5 days but by day 2 the item already delivered and the called you to wait . good job ta q bin.

dear lazada please do not use ninja van service. i had so much difficulties in tracing the consignment using ninja ****

to miki #1159625

Same situation, purchased with Dfaro also on last Sunday (8/5/16). The next 2days trace and found out ninja van pick up the parcel successfully.

On 13th May the status said deliver unsuccessful due to no one at mailing address. However the address I have is my company address which mean receptionist will always be there. They dare to talk *** said no one and I ask for clarification they remained silence.

Till today i have yet receive the parcel.

Shame on you Lazada for choosing a wrong business partner. This never happen before with other courier service.

to Anonymous #1171181

Me too, the delivery address is my office address & they said nobody in location, maybe they arrive there around mid night. I'm gonna stop shopping with Lazada if Ninja Van is the want going to do the delivery. I prefer GDex or Skynet.

to Anonymous #1178981

Same goes 2 me. Ordered 22 june, 23rd june ninja van emailed me nobody at location.

I used company address-24 hrs people there and i do not received any call from ninja van before they emil me. Such a liar - ninja van

to Anonymous Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #1340230

skynet...never...gdex thumb ups

to Anonymous #1580329

Me too! I rather choose Pos Laju

to Anonymous Mountain View, California, United States #1189185

same goes to me...this service provider didnt sent my order yet...waiting...and waiting for the product to reach me..NVMYGTV00000000049...how to check this tracking?

to Anonymous #1671122

Same situation with me...lazada use poslaju service..That guy never come to my house and he dare to say nobody at home and already leave a notice to me..But actually I never see any *** notice at my mailbox or my door..After 2 week I keep asking and email many time they say delivery not successful because nobody at permis..fuxk ..Them the seller cancelled the order and ask me to get refund from lazada..What a story

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