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Lazada company is made of LIES. Everything this company claims on their website or advertise is ***.

I have purchased 4 items from them on November 2014 (with delivery times of 3-5 working days).


When I checked their online tracking system Less than 24 hours after my purchase, I saw that they canceled one of the items with no explanation. So, I called their customer service and after staying on the hold they told me that "THE PRICE ON THE WEBSITE IS NOT CORRECT BECAUSE THE SALES DEPARTMENT FORGOT TO UPDATE THE PRICE AND THIS ORDER HAS DELIVERY SURCHARGE THEREFORE THEY CANCELED THIS ITEM FROM THE ORDER, AND I WILL RECEIVE REFUND FOR THAT ITEM, THEN I CAN PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM".


I waited for 5 business days to receive 3 other items of my order and guess what?! THERE WAS NO DELIVERY. I sent emails and called them 4 times and their answer was as simple as that: "WE ALREADY PROCESSED YOUR ORDER, SO IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION REGARDING DELIVERY TIME OF YOUR ORDER CALL OUR COURIER COMPANY" WTF is this answer, when they claim any delivery time on their website they are responsible for that and they are the ones who have to call their courier company NOT me!!! any way after 3 calls to their F**ing courier (GDex) which did not show up for 3 days after giving me a time of delivery (in GDex customer service was a *** Indian girl (based on her accent) rude to me..yelling at me over the phone saying: "OK, we are BUSY, we will send you the items, just wait") items arrived after 11 business days (15 days)!!!,


I have called and called and send emails to receive my refund for cancelled item (AGAIN: one item was canceled by LAZADA). in first call they told me that refund is initiated and I will receive it in 2-3 days and they sent me confirmation email. again I WAITED FOR 3 DAYS, of course no refund was in my bank account. I called the company again and they respond "WE ARE PROCESSING YOUR REFUND AND YOU WILL RECEIVE IT IN 3-5 DAYS" and when I asked why 3 days ago you mentioned 2-3 days and sent me email, now you are telling me it is not initiated yet, THEIR ANSWER: "sorry"

I waited another 5 days, AGAIN no refund, called the company and the same story happened. After 8 days I received a SMS from Lazada mentioning "YOUR REFUND IS BEEING INITIATED AND YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR REFUND IN 1-15 WORKING DAYS". Called again, same story again and after all the headache I got my refund after 13 days.


As one of my orders was canceled, as they told me, I purchased another item (December 8th). Again item did not delivered on time and guess what, this time when item arrived it was DAMAGED. I was lucky that when the courier company (Again: GDex) delivered the item we opened the packaging and here we go "DAMAGED ITEM", I did not accept the item, so the ITEM WAS RE-PACKED BY GDex STAFF AND SENT BACK TO THE COMPANY.

(to make it CLEAR: after 1 day on GDex online tracking system it was mentioned "DAMAGED SHIPMENT" and returned)

I sent an email to Lazada, explained the situation and asked for refund for the item (I knew with this company I will have headache again). after sending the email, I called the customer service and explained again that item was damaged so it was returned by their own courier.

Just to make story short, it's been already ONE MONTH that I asked for refund, I have sent 5 EMAILS (no response to any one of them) and made 12 CALLS to their customer service (I HAVE THE NAME OF EACH CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE THAT I TALKED TO AND TICKED NUMBER FOR ALL EMAILS). In first call I was told that "because item was damaged during delivery and I did not received the item I will have my refund in 2-3 days (SOUND FAMILIAR, yes??). As usual I knew its a BIG LIE. I waited for 3 days and then called again and again and again (Just to mention I have spent more that 200 RM on calls made to this company not to mention the headaches, waiting, and LIEs that I heard). Calls number 2-5 had EXACTLY SAME dialogue:

Lazada: How can I help you?

Me: explaining the situation (my order number, etc)

Lazada: please hold until I check your order

Me: waiting on hold

Lazada: Sir you asked for refund, we are still waiting for GDex and the item to return then we will process your refund


Lazada: Let me check again

Me: on hold

Lazada: Sir, Yes, we initiate your refund today

Me: Thank you

Lazada: Bye

when after 15 days and 6 calls nothing happened I start to call again and this time they start to tell me some other bullshits:


this is the *** they are telling me for a month and none of the customer representative called me back. no emails, no calls, no sms, that's it. every time they tell me this bullshits and I ask why you all say the same thing and no one follow the matter nor call me back, they simply say "I will call you".

People DO NOT buy anything from these LIERS. After 1 month still they Don't refund my money and just play game with me. after 1 month they say they need to confirm that item is with them. what the F**k is that. I have called the GDex and they told me the item has been returned last month and it is clear on their website but LAZADA just lie to me and they say they need to confirm. and every time they say wait for one day and we call you back, that's it. NOTHING.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Slow delivery, Late refund.

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Lazada was good until that china guy take over ..got got voucher happily paid for an item then happily they canceled it..voucher gone..have to contact kpdnkk to fight them back..don't bother sent any email to lazada they just kick u around. Now about shopee,I'm warning u..don't try to purchase expensive item for them..their lousy buyers protection will only ensure scammer get their money even no item delivered..buyers protection expiration warning = no notification...completed order and payment released= got notification...why the *** is that?? Both platform nowadays giving me headache...both are not reliable now since the take over..beware,please..


Anyone gets their order canceled,pls report to kpdnkk.ive received my compensation voucher with our law enforcement help..dont bother sending email to lazada cause theyll never help you.

to Ann #1647570

Ann, I am heading to kpdnkk also. Just want to ask you how you fill in lazada info in Borang 1?

The form requested lazada contact name, phone number and email. These jokers refused to disclosed any of these info when asked.

to Tan #1648491

Use the apps..easier...and just use hq phone number in KL...email ='asklazada' something.. Bought so many expensive item around 2014-2017.. nowadays scared already...missing item, not honoring purchase and vouchers...wtf lazada shopee


Extremely horrible and if refund very terrible experience in lazada. Don't buy




Yes, Lazada is shit. refund is missing and item purchased never received yet with effort emailing and calls wasted my time and money.They took rm401. That doesnt count calls.


same thing happen to me bro but a bit diff case,

status regarding my refund and guess what? same answer still on investigation. the operator make promise to update me asap if there are new update.

sadly again until now, not receiving any email any call from lazada,

i will only willing to wait until 28 febuary 2018, if not receiving my refund by that time i will proceed to file case Tribunal Pengguna under KPDNKK.

lazada you treat you loyal customer like shit, almost 2 month you drag my time no refund.

order number #352352893 case number# 05856558 tracking poslaju return ER128526995my


BEWARE EVERYONE! This Lazada is a scam company.

I am a seller and they never send me my payout after 4 months, I have all the evidences (screenshots and emails), and after I googled about lazada sellers' cases, I only fount out that a lot of sellers also being scammed! I have been calling the office and walked into their office for thousand times, and all of them kept on cheating me that they will send me the payout on the next payout. That Vinieta Raja Mohan from Dispute Management is the ultimate liar, she even whined about how I kept on looking for her because she still 'hasn't' send me my payout, and she said she is going to solve my issue after she came back from last year's Deepavali holidays, and it can be solved in 2-3 weeks, but until now she still hasn't solve it, what a scammer.

She is the one behind the partner's support so all people's complaints never get noticed, they only wanted to collect money and never send payout to seller + never send items to customers. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE, I am already a VICTIM!!!



I'm reporting Lazada to KPDNKK.

Sabah, Malaysia #1336979

Weeks ago on the 2nd of June 2017 I've ordered boom mic condenser. Recived email on the next day from LAZADA my item have been shipment ( AS A PROOF MADE A PAYMENT ).

The next day checked my item have been canceled and I don't know how and where what it suddenly came from. I've been almost 3 years buy ordered item from LAZADA and today it happen. They canceled the order themselves.

Like seriously? I really needed it for camera production.


yeah happened to me as well. ordered 2 items and i decided not to accepted during the delivery due to specs discrepancy.

the representative advised me not to accept the item from gdex so that it will be sent back to the original seller and get full refund. Lazada texted and email me to notify the return and refund. 2 months plus already. no answer, no action.

wasted money buying from them.

not so efficient especially in refunding. now u know your risk buying things from lazada.


Same *** is happening to my boyfriend! He purchased an iphone 7 and they damaged the iphone on the way and canceled the order themeselves.

Instead of returning the money, they keep postponing the refund. Its been 10 days. Lazada is just a scam.

I bought two perfumes that were marked as "genuine", both were fake. They are just thieves!

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia #1241935

Lazada is ***. I ordered a product on COD and when its been delivered its damaged and also not even working properly.

when i start calling the contact numbers no one is answering or bothered to reply the mails.

this is a good lesson for me.. finally no refunds or no proper product.

friends please be careful. lazada is no good.

Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia #1204871

I had ordered an item from Tesco on Lazada a few years back and the item was out of stock. The money was refunded to my Dt card after a week.

I had no problem there.

Now I am going to return an item to them using PosLaju for a replacement. Let see how that works out.


Stop buying from Lazada and spread the news. A liar company!


1. I bought an iPhone 6+ from Lazada.

This unit should be new unit.

2. When I received this unit it is defective.

3. I return this iPhone and ask for refund, but since Feb 2016 until now. No refund from Lazada.


later I send this iPhone to Apple sales and services centre for checking.

The Apple service centre check and found that this unit is an old unit. It was used by the American.


I've been waiting for refunds for 4 months now after returning a faulty cellphone sold by Lazada and have still yet to receive it. Emailed them and said bank processing time differs. What bank in malaysia process takes more than 2 months?


you make me worry now.....I am waiting their refund. They cancelled my item due to Merchant out of stock.

to clow8 #1338385

At least they cancelled yr order for some 'reason', mine one without reason or request, just simply cancelled n wait for REFUND.

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