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I have never seen staff who lacks so much integrity. I have participated in their contest on facebook. On the day where they suppose to announce winners, they failed to do so. I ask them where is the announcement. Their replied is they already announce it on Instagram. 4 other separate peoples ask them and they gave the same answer.

I check out the contest on Insta and found out it's a completely different contest. Instagram is a contest about reposting picture, Facebook contest is about slogan making. The entry mechanics is different, the Terms and Conditions is different and even the prizes are also different.

More and more FB users are questioning why lump this contest together when it is so much different. Suddenly Lazada staff change course and say the will announce the winner on certain date. Announcement was supposedly delayed because overwhelming participation and they really want to pick the best slogan.

On the 2nd date they suppose to announce the winners. They just choose 2 people who just recently inquire about the contest. It's like they gave no thought at all about the slogan, they just choose the 2 first person they see. They lie about delay being related to choosing the best slogan, they lie about the contest winners already being announced. These staff are pathological liars.

Further evidence of this piled on. One of the winner they chose does not have the necessary hashtag. I complaint and ask for disqualification of her entry. More people notice similar things and ask for selection of new winner. Lazada the staff from *** goes into chaos mode and start deleting everyone postings. People are not ***, they screenshot their post and other people post and repost them.Lazada strategy does not work, they change tactic.

They go into manipulation mode. They say the winner was selected because of her other entry not the one that THEY themselves HIGHLIGHTED. It turns out that other entry was also flawed and other social media users pointed out that one should also be disqualified because of 2 reasons. The slogan exceeded 40 words and contain a gibberish typo. You can see here that Lazada did not put up any effort to pick the winners at all otherwise they would have spotted these flaws in the first place. They just lie, they eat lie, sleep lie and play lie. In fact they lie so much maybe Lazada should consider changing name to Liezada.

If you are a person who are into contest, especially one that is involving creativity and slogan. Do yourself a favour and skip contest on Lazada. Those evil morons will not give you justice or fairness. They will lie, cheat and steal you out of your deserved prize. They give a new meaning to CONtest.

This reviewer shared experience about "lazada fake contest" and wants this business to "full admission and full apology to all participant and guarantee that this will not happen again. reprimand to staff that involved". This person is overall dissatisfied with Lazada Malaysia and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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