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The lousy courier service ever! Every delivery from LEX won't reach to me directly but my security guard receives.

Why the courier guy has to pass it to the foreign security guard when he can direct deliver to the house?

According to the guard, he was forced to receive the parcel. Luckily the guard passes to me or my husband later on, but how if the guard cheat on this?

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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kenapa saya tak terima barang yang saya oder lagi...kata last hantar hari ni 17 april 2019..sampai sekarang tak tau kabar berita barang tersebut...tolong cek track oder (MYMP000008173481)...


Infome pekej bagi tau 12 apr jam11:36 a.m pekej sdh d hantar/diterima .. tapi pekej blm sampai d tangan saya ..


Barang blm sampai d tangan saya .. please help to check tracking number my0307061871 12 Apr 11:36 Your parcel has been delivered!

09:49 Your parcel is being delivered by LEX MY driver PSG R IC ICM mohamad zulhakim zaini.

[Pasir Gudang Hub] 05:19 Your parcel has been inbounded at the logistics facility. [Pasir Gudang Hub]


Sila semak track UW0001040898. Status delivery.

Saya tidak menerima barang tersebut. Drive Mohd Hasrul Syarifudin


Please help to check tracking number : UW0001067825, delivery state 23/01/2019 already delivery out , please check to LELExpress this parcel already delivery out, but i not yet receive my parcel ,but check to proof delivery have received, that is not my signature. please reply as soon as possible. Thank you Best regards, Lim Nyek Sam 6016-7558259

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