It's all begin with the unethical supplier which can't supply the item (did not do a proper inventory system, which allow consumer to order a non-available item and cancel after a day) and asked for refund. No doubt the supplier earlier asked me for my Bank Account # earlier on but I refuse as the item was bought via wallet.

After all the 'red-tapes' procedure finally got back my refund BUT without the shipment cost reimburse. No doubt the shipping cost is 'free' but I lost the opportunity using this free shipping voucher with other same item supplier. Cut the long story short this...these are the 3 different replies given by 3 Customer care agent...

a) Live chat #1 (case id 205000****148207) - told me shipping cost can be reimbursed accordingly after refund process.

b) Following the above, 2nd agent (Danial Ng) conveniently said the Lazada shipment voucher cannot be re-validate. I asked further why and 2nd time conveniently no reply received..don't even has the courtesy to call...is this call customer service that Lazada proud of?

c) The last chat that I had yesterday even made me more furious (made me like a bloody fool..) asked me to 'fish' the voucher like a 'beggar' and I asked why I need to do it.....as usual conveniently 3rd time no official reply as of now when this 'frustrated' review sent out.

Looking at the above communication and time, do you think I hard up for the stupid RM4.50 shipping cost.

It's the principal that I hold on in which I felt need to poured out to as I felt 'betrayed' as Lazada loyal customer.

With the 'Merry-Go-Round' practices towards it's loyal customer indirectly indicated they have enough customer (minus 1, won't affect Lazada as a whole)..indirectly asked me look for other online Shopping platform..e.g. Shopee, which I need to test out how their Customer Services Agent treat their customer compare to Lazada......Not sure this complain will reach the level (in Lazada Organisation) that able to understand my frustration as loyal customer but with the availability of other social media platform which I intend to use to spread my concern above if No official/apology from Lazada...)


Disappointed Lazada Customer

User's recommendation: Have a multiple online Shopping choices apart from Lazada.

Lazada Malaysia Pros: Very diversify in products range.

Lazada Malaysia Cons: Non standardize on how customer care agents treat their customer.

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