My order No.251281****13369 was ordered and paid on 10th May. Paid an express delivery which was around Rm16++.

All was good and seller sent out fast but when it got into Malaysia it went all bad. On 27th May on Lazada app status and email stated "A delivery will be attempted in an hour" that was around 6pm or so. Then around 8pm another status popped up saying unsuccessful delivery. I have no idea what happened.

Next day same thing and This time "delivery failed resent to seller". What on earth is happening. Now this was suppose to be delivered by LEX and delivery guy Revindran Mariappan. Managed to call a number 038601**** which happens to be Lazada customer service and spoke to someone by the name Kuna.

She later called me again few hours later stating my parcel will be sent by 1st June. Today 30th May my status shows a refund has been initiated and apparently its"incorrect contact information" ??? What is wrong with you Lazada. I have been using Lazada for years with same contact info.

Add and phone number all the same and never had any problem. Few days back other orders all came promptly so how on earth did it suddenly go incorrect. Why can't the delivery guy call ? Your courier is really incompetent and not responsible.

I want my parcel. I am expecting 2 more on the way also from overseas.

All these 3 orders have accumulated to over RM460++ . So what you going to do people keep ordering and you keep refunding just because Lazada has such irresponsible incompetent courier services?

Location: Shah Alam, Selangor

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