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Dear Lazada

There was a delivery for one of my order under order number : 246083****51143. Pakage is shown below:-

The deliveryman was VERY VERY RUDE.

He arrived about 11:50 am just now, before the van was stopped, he horned non-stop , then he got down, carrying the package and ring my door bell 5 times non-stop. I was at my balcony on 1st floor I could see him since he arrived.

He was already on his mobile phone when he arrived, judging by the his conversation and facial expression and laugh, it seem on social call.

He would not even look up to see a person on the balcony, I would have told him that I was coming down to take the package. My front gate and façade of the house is 10 feet apart!!!!

When I took the package from him, I told him that he need not to horn and ring the bell many many times.. ring once is quiet enough and no need to alarm the neighbourhood with constant horning!!

Do you know what he said KEPALA HOTAK KAU AKU KEJA TAHU!, KAU *** *** ORDER, Kau DEPAT ORDER KAU LAH! AKU Hanta ORDER Kau then he drove away, then he shout from he van that kau BODAH,

I am Speechless!!!!! Even the MPAJ landscape workers doing job on the road chased his van and gave me the number, but I could not remember fully as I was in dire unbelievable stage of the behaviour of LAZADA delivery van driver!!!the partial number plate of the van is WA569*C and the van is painted with LAZADA LOGO visibly.

So what you want with your delivery man!! But I am disappointed and wonder what kind of human being LAZADA has!!!!!!

Faiza Saleh

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Express Vehicle Driver.

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