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Why Lazada keep trying to send my items mutiple times despite I already informed that I only available at the house on 3rd August onward?

I make the request to the seller to send on 3rd August before I made the purchase but there was no response via their chat function. Keep following up and decided maybe they will only response after I made the order.

Nope, never response to my request even after I made the order

I later contacted Lazada customer service via Lazada Live Chat. Was informed not to be worry. I asked them to only inform that to make delivery on 3rd August. The person told me not to worry.

I bought about 20 items worth 14k++ with Lazada and asked him to make sure all of them to be delivered 3rd August because I am not home.

BOOM, I got a message on 28th July that I got a delivery today. I contacted NinjaVan Customer Servce since from the message they were from NinjaVan. They said no delivery with the tracking number is from them. Asked me to contact Lazada directly but I told them in system it is clearly shown as NinjaVan and request to make remark to only deliver on 3rd August.

Not happy, I called the number on the message and informed them that the delivery about it.

He told me that delivery is today after I told him my address. Asked me to Whatsapp, I did that informed him.

Boom, on 29th July I got another message that there will be delivery again today. I contacted Lazada Live Chat again. Explained everything again and he said he put the remark that all my item to be delivered on 3rd August onward only.

Thinking everything is okay since I contacted him early in morning. Boom, a call from delivery guy who was upset that I am not home for delivery. I explained to him but he was not happy.

I replied to customer service email and explaining my issues again in very detail with the issue. I informed again that only to send all my item after 3rd August.

The following reply was very upsetting, I was informed to not reply to the message anymore because the issue is considered close. I believe this is very unprofessional response.

Another Big Boom, I got another message at night on 29th July that they will be delivery tomorrow. 30th July so I call the number on the Lazada and informed again that I have complain and requested to only send 3rd August because I and my family is not home before 3rd Aug. He was clearly upset with my response.

Another BIG BIG BOOM, since it was Eid and I did not chat my Lazada message.

I got a call from upset Lazada delivery man on 31st July. The person who I call and Whatsapp not to delivery my item until 3rd Aug. He want to deliver them on 31 July and told me where I am. I informed him that I am not home and I informed him before, the seller and Lazada.

He told he was asked to send them.

Very disappointing with Lazada customer service and I will surely not make any purchase. This is actually my first purchase and my main mistake was to make a lot of purchase worth 14K++.

It will definitely be my last purchase with Lazada. rver r Neve

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