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Dealer from Spraygadget enterprise was not professional in handling the purchase. It has violated my customer rights.

I made a purchase of a realme 5 pro purchase on 29th Febuary. Logically, a dealer will be well aware of their stock availability. If the product is out of stock then it should not be on sale at the store. So after purchasing on 29th Febuary I received a notification on 2nd March telling me that my parcel has been packed and given to Gdex.

The dealer has informed me that my parcel will arrive from 3rd March to 6th March. So I waited till Friday, 6th March which is 6 days after my purchase but my product hasn't arrived yet. When I asked the dealer about the status of my order via Lazada chat, I am told that the product that I ordered which is realme 5 pro is out of stock. The dealer procrastinated till the last day of the delivery day to inform me that.

At this stage, I am unable to cancel my order. Only the dealer can cancel. So the dealer told me to wait for another week to receive my parcel and I agreed. However, during the period of 9th March till 11th March dealer was unresponsive when I asked about the delayed delivery which is expected to arrive by 6th March.

Suddenly I was notified that my purchase has been refunded on 11th March. The dealer did not inform me that my order is not being processed but instead terminated. So since 29th February until 11th March I have waiting for my parcel which doesn't exist because it's out of stock but I only get refunded after 12 days. The dealer did not inform me on the unavailability of stock during the first week and also did not notify me on the cancellation of my order on the second week.

My current device is already malfunctioning so I purchased a new device. If the dealer informed me earlier about the unavailability of stock and refunded me sooner I could have purchased from another dealer. Instead I was left hanging for 12 days with a malfunctioning device just because the dealer did not cancel the order sooner. The dealer delayed the refund process and only notified me that the stock is unavailable at the last day.

I felt cheated and experienced data loss due to device malfunction.

I hope necessary action can be taken. Below are evidences of my purchase.

User's recommendation: Do not purchase from this dealer.

Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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