Any item that I select will be "Out Of Stock"... and the only option I have is to "Add to Wish List".

This happens for the mobile app and the Lazada website too.

But this is not the problem..... the main reasons for the bad review are:-

1) They have a lousy bot chat reply system.... that will only allow a live chat after several questions asked.... and even that, if you don't take note, you will miss the button to have a live chat.

2) When you do reach an "agent", most are not helpful....

I have to explain and give screen shots many times to many agents.... even when given a case number... they ask for screen shot

3) They replied with an email to clear cache and reset browser etc... it doesn't work.

And then in a few days they will send a notice to you that your case is closed and that you can contact them again to reopen.

4) I did contact them again...

and have to go through the WHOLE process again... again asking for screen shots etc.


Buy from Shopee instead!!!

User's recommendation: Use Shopee. They have better deals and faster response.

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