i registered as a lazada individual seller. so i was asked to submit my SSM documents which i did, after that my account wasn't approve because apparently they need me to submit form 49/section14.

i told them that my business is registered under sole prop/ partnership not sdn. bhd. so i do not have the form. but they still insisted that they need it otherwise there's no way they can activate my account.

i had to call SSM just to verify. wasted a lot of my time which obviously they did not even bother to find out what kind of documents SSM provide for each category, it is even stated in lazada website itself that for sole prop/ partnership you only need to submit SSM cert and Form D. wasted a lot of my time trying to explain my situation to them, their answer is always the same, they need form 49/ section14 or else they cant verify my account. felt like im talking to a robot instead of human.

i would like to clarify here, i registered for individual seller NOT lazmall seller.

according to the terms and condition i do not even need to submit my SSM documents to lazada. why would lazada make things so difficult and troublesome for the seller? and another thing is, once you used your mobile number to register as a seller, even if you deleted your previous seller account, you can't use back the number you have registered. you need a NEW number.

which means you need to buy a sim card just to register as a seller. spent spent a

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